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Case Study – City Improves Service to Citizens

The Challenge

Recognizing that its bill paying process was time-consuming, a city’s revenue department wanted to serve citizens better. The city depended on timely payment of parking tickets, water bills, license fees, and fines as a source of revenue to fund city services. But because each department issuing invoices had their own cashiers, residents became frustrated and confused by the need to visit numerous stations and locations to pay bills. The city wanted to establish a "universal cashier system" that could accept any city bill.

What PCG Did

PCG led a team of department heads, cashier supervisors, and programmers to identify and document the requirements for a universal cashiering system. We documented information required by each department and developed the new processes and procedures to enhance the interaction between cashier and citizen. After the computer system was built, PCG wrote the training manual and trained all city cashiers in how to use the new system and procedures.

The Results

When the universal cashiers were installed at several locations throughout the city, citizen reaction was very positive. And the city improved in both the amount of money collected, and in the time required to collect payments.

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Last modified: November 19, 2004