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Case Study – Mining Company Meets Compliance and Restoration Goals

The Challenge

A mining company wanted to restore land to its pre-mining state after mining operations were completed. The EPA and state and local governments had many rules and timetables for compliance. The mining company also needed to be efficient and cost effective during both mining and restoration of the site. It needed a solution that all groups understood and supported.

What PCG Did

PCG led a team of engineers, miners, crew supervisors, and environmentalists to develop a set of mutually agreed-to goals. In a series of work sessions, we documented a process and plan for mining each sector that would allow it to be mined profitably, yet restored more easily and quickly.


There was significant buy-in to the solution. The team was convinced that the plan would meet permitting, regulatory, and operations expectations and that the company would keep its excellent reputation in the community.

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Last modified: November 24, 2004