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Case Study – Transportation Company Better Understands Its Customers

The Challenge

After a period of rapid growth, a regional transportation company realized it could be the premier company of its kind in the area it served. But it needed to maintain solid relationships with current customers while it attracted new customers away from the competitors. The company wanted honest feedback from its customers about their level of satisfaction and about their future needs.

What PCG Did

PCG planned and executed a series of focus groups with representatives from key customers. We designed sessions to get feedback on a variety of topics from all the attendees, as well as provide time for issues on the customers’ minds. PCG structured the discussion so that each person was heard, and all comments were documented. We then held a debriefing with the company executives immediately after the sessions.

The Results

In a very short timeframe, the company acquired invaluable market research information about the services their customers needed and how competitors offered these services. It received constructive advice about how to improve service and add value to customers. The company strengthened its relationship and credibility with its customers, because the customers saw that the company was committed to their relationship.

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Last modified: November 24, 2004